About Us

We're not just teachers; we're dream builders & cheerleaders for creativity.

At Cedar Explorers, we’re not just a place where children come to learn; we’re a community where young minds come to soar.

Imagine a world where the scent of creativity mingles with the hum of innovation, where young artists become master perfumers, and budding coders craft their digital dreams. That’s what we create here, in the heart of Cedar Explorers.

We started with a simple belief: that every child is born with a spark of curiosity and a universe of potential. Our journey is all about fanning those flames, helping kids aged 4-12 discover their passions and develop the skills they need to thrive in our ever-changing world.

We’re not just teachers; we’re dream builders, cheerleaders for creativity, and guides to the vast landscape of knowledge.

Focused on delivering value for our customers.

” We believe in the power of inclusivity, where every child is celebrated for their unique gifts.”

Cedar Explorers is more than just a learning hub; it’s a place where potential meets opportunity, and where children become the architects of their own future. Join us on this incredible journey of growth, learning, and discovery, because at Cedar Explorers, we’re not just nurturing minds; we’re nurturing dream

Constance Odilo
Founder – Cedar Explorers

Our Mission

At Cedar Explorers, our mission is to inspire and empower children aged 4-12 to become creative, confident, and forward-thinking individuals. We believe in nurturing their natural curiosity and providing them with a dynamic learning environment where they can explore their creativity.

Our goal is to foster a love for learning, encourage innovation, and prepare the next generation to thrive in a rapidly evolving world

Our Vision

Our vision for Cedar Explorers is to be the leading educational hub for children, renowned for its excellence in fostering holistic development. We aim to create a community where children not only acquire valuable skills but also develop a deep appreciation for creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration.

We aspire to expand our reach and offer innovative programs that adapt to the ever-changing technological landscape, ensuring that every child who passes through our doors is well-prepared to shape the future with confidence and imagination.

The Cedar Explorers Approach

So, what sets Cedar Explorers apart? It’s not just about offering a variety of programs; it’s about our approach to education. Our programs are designed to be hands-on, interactive, and fun. We believe in the power of playful learning, where kids actively engage with the material and enjoy the process.

Our programs are not just about accumulating knowledge; they’re about applying it. We bridge the gap between theory and practice, encouraging kids to create, build, and solve real-world problems.

At Cedar Explorers, we don’t just teach; we inspire. We nurture creativity, curiosity, and a growth mindset. We prepare kids for a world that’s changing faster than ever, equipping them with the skills and confidence to thrive.


Join Us

We invite you to join us, to become a part of the Cedar Explorers family. Together, we’ll unlock potential, spark curiosity, and prepare children for a world of endless possibilities. This is the magic of Cedar Explorers, where dreams take flight, and the journey of learning becomes an inspiring adventure.